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Renewal or New Certificate Application in Canada

Good news!

You can renew your NBI clearance while in Canada. The bad news? It can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Do not worry, we will guide you through the process. But if you want to skip reading, submit an NBI clearance online order here.

First, you need to get an NBI Form No. 5 from the Philippine Consulate or Embassy nearest you. Currently, the three (3) Philippine Consulates General in Canada are PCG-Toronto, PCG-Vancouver, and PCG-Calgary. The Philippine Embassy in Canada is in Ottawa. Clicking on any of these links will lead you to their guide on how to get an NBI clearance renewal. Note that each Philippine Consulate General and the Philippine Embassy have their own guides, but the basic requirements and process are the same.


  • Original NBI Form No. 5, filled-in, signed, and notarized (or authenticated)
  • Copy of your Philippine passport data page
  • 2×2 ID photo (white background)
  • PHP200.00 (Philippine Peso)
  • Letter of Authorization to your chosen Representative in the Philippines

Getting a copy of your Philippine passport and a 2×2 photo usually is not a problem. However, the NBI Form No. 5 is a bit more difficult. You need to get them from the Philippine Consulates General or Philippine Embassy. Contact them directly by phone, email, or simply walk-in.

Disclaimer: Please be advised at the time of this writing, procedures to address the COVID-19 pandemic are in place. Be sure to set an appointment before you make your visit. Check out the website of the embassy or consulate you wish to visit for up-to-date information about their policies. Our office is not associated or endorsed by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines or any of its departments, agencies, or bureaus.

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What about the Two Hundred Pesos (PHP200.00)? Do you still have the Philippine currency with you since you arrived in Canada? Also, do you have a friend or family member willing to wake up early, spend hours stuck in traffic, fall in line at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to submit your requirements, then repeat after a few days to pick up the NBI certificate (hoping that there is no “hit” which can take weeks) without asking for a 1-day minimum wage compensation and lunch treat at Jollibee? If so, great!

Once you have all the requirements, send them either to your representative or directly to the NBI office in Manila. How much is the cost of mailing? At the time of this writing, courier services such as DHL can cost about $130 (Toronto-Manila) including a fuel surcharge. Looking for something cheaper? If you do not mind waiting for weeks and the chance of losing your documents (think about your precious NBI Form No. 5), then consider sending your package by regular mail through Canada Post (not recommended).

Your NBI renewal application will only be processed if all requirements were submitted. If you do not have a “hit” (more on this later), you can expect your NBI certificate to be released within a few days. Make sure your representative has written authorization signed by you for the release.

Your representative must then send the NBI certificate back to your address in Canada. Again, you must consider either via courier services (the fastest and most secure option with a tracking number) which cost another $130, or via regular mail for about $30-$60 (and pray in the weeks to come that it does not get lost). Regular mail has no tracking number. The choice is yours.

You can renew your NBI clearance certificate while in Canada by yourself, but if you prefer a faster, cheaper, and easier way, you can submit an NBI clearance online order for only $99 + tax here.

Please visit the official websites of the Philippine Consulates General and the Philippine Embassy in Canada and let us know if you found an error on this webpage. Thanks for reading.

Thinking of applying?

There is a CHEAPER, MORE CONVENIENT, MORE RELIABLE, and FASTER way to get an NBI clearance while in Canada

At only $99 (+ applicable tax) your NBI certificate will be available for pickup at 168B Eglinton Ave East in Toronto near the Philippine Consulate General. Your NBI application will be sent by courier (the fastest, most reliable, and most secure method) from Toronto to Manila and your NBI certificate will again be sent via courier from Manila to Toronto. We take care of our representatives in the Philippines, so you do not need to bother any of your friends or family member.

Not convinced?

Some people want to do things by themselves. We understand and are still here to help. Visit the website of the Philippine Consulate General or the Philippine Embassy nearest you for more detailed information on how to get an NBI clearance. We already laid down the basic process for you. Try it yourself.

Once you realize that it is more expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating to apply for an NBI clearance renewal on your own, feel free to call us at (416) 546-2627 during office hours or order online here anytime.

What is a “hit”?

A “hit” is a term used by the NBI that means you (or another person with a name like yours) appear to have a criminal record or pending charge.

What happens if you get a “hit”?

Your NBI renewal or application will be delayed by several days or even weeks. The NBI will verify if it is really you who have a criminal record or charge, or someone else with the same name. Your representative will inform the NBI whether you admit or deny having a criminal record or charge. In most cases, you need to submit a notarized affidavit.

Our office can represent you if you get a “hit”. Additional charges may apply.

What if this is your first time applying for an NBI clearance? Can you apply for a new NBI clearance in Canada? Absolutely! The information provided above also applies to new applications. Did we trick you? Not really.

For new NBI clearance applications, you must submit all the listed requirements above. If you still have your original NBI clearance from the year 2014 or newer, AND there are no changes to your personal data (like marriage status from single to married) you need not submit NBI Form No. 5 for your NBI renewal. You still must have the other requirements like mailing your application, getting a representative, mailing the NBI clearance back, etc.

Contact us if you need help with your NBI clearance renewal application.


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Only $99 + applicable tax.

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