Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I avail an NBI clearance from abroad?

You can contact the nearest Philippine Consulate/Embassy near you to avail the NBI Blue form 5. Request the assistance of the police/ accredited fingerprinting agency in your locality to have your INK Rolled Fingerprints impressed on the appropriate spaces. Submit the form to any NBI office in Manila Philippines along with the corresponding fee for processing or ask the assistance of your friend/ family to process for you or hassle-free and 1 stop shop processing service, visit NBI Renewal website at or email [email protected] for more information.

2. If I have an old NBI Clearance, Can I renew Online?

Yes, Old clearance that was issued from 2014-present can be renewed online at or for hassle-free and user-friendly process visit NBI Renewal website at or email [email protected].

3. What do I need if my marital/civil Status Changed?

If there is a change in Marital/Civil status, you have to submit a fingerprint application to update your information.

4. If I will avail your Service, do I have to go to Philippine Consulate first?

No, if you avail the service of NBI Renewal/ JCA Law then you may directly go to our website at or email us at [email protected]

5. How long does it take to process my NBI clearance?

Processing time depends on the type of application. For Renewal, it takes 2-3 weeks including mailing to your doorstep. For Fingerprint applications, it usually takes 4-6 weeks including shipping/mailing days. If there is a “HIT” on the applicant’s name then processing time may take longer than usual.

6. What is a “HIT”?

A “HIT” is a term use by the NBI for those names that appear in the NBI database who may have committed a crime or may have pending cases in the Philippine court of law. A “HIT” may sometimes be due to a “Namesake”.

7. What is a “NAMESAKE”

A namesake is a person that has the same name as another.

8. What should I do if I have a “HIT”?

You have to comply with the requirement being asked in the quality report. They usually ask for “Affidavit of Denial” if the “HIT” is just a namesake. If the “HIT” is related to any crimes committed by the applicant, the NBI usually asks for “Affidavit of Admission” or court clearance/court disposition. They may also require a phone interview with the person involved which can be done over the phone or virtually.

9. What is NBI Quality Report?

It is a form released by the NBI quality control section which contains the list of case/s in relation to the reason why NBI held the release of your clearance.

10. Where can I get the “Affidavit of Denial” or the “Affidavit of Admission”?

You may download the fillable Affidavit form from the Philippine Consulate website and get it notarized and authenticated. You can also ask JCA LAW OFFICE to assist in drafting, Notary, and authentication of your affidavit for a fee but time-saving process. Interested parties can visit or email [email protected].

11. What should I do, if required to avail a court clearance or case disposition?

Submit a copy of the court certification/court clearance/court disposition if available. IF you do not have a copy of the said document, you should avail a copy from the court where the case has been filed and submit it to the NBI processing office. To avoid delays, you should submit a copy of the said certification together with your application, if the document is already available at hand before your application.

12. I am not a Filipino Citizen and I have stayed in the Philippines for quite some time, do I really need to provide an NBI Clearance for Immigration?

Generally speaking, you should comply and provide the immigration processing requirements. If you are applying for Canadian Immigration and have stayed in the Philippines for more than 6 months then you should submit your NBI clearance as indicated on the CIC website.

13. I do Not have a family or friend to assist me in processing my NBI clearance, what should I do?

NBI Renewal/JCA LAW is here to assist you. Visit us at our office located at or email [email protected] to book an appointment. We can assist you from fingerprinting to processing.

14. I have never avail an NBI clearance before, can you I be able to acquire one now?

Yes, you can by clicking the link or emailing [email protected].