Do I need an NBI Clearance in applying for a job here in Canada?


A document from the National Bureau of Investigations (NBI), or commonly known as the NBI Clearance, is usually required by employers. It serves as a proof of a criminal record or the lack thereof. Expats can also apply and renew their NBI clearances in Toronto; And if you in the Philippines, you could apply at the NBI Philippines Main Office – UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila.

In 2017, the NBI updated their digital system, from the online NBI clearance application and payment to the fingerprint scan, the system has become much faster for both expats and locals. The system was upgraded so the process too. Here are the things you need to know before you apply for or renew your NBI Clearance.
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NBI Clearance Requirements

Before applying online, you will need to present two (2) original valid IDs and photocopies. They must be in readable and good condition.

The accepted IDs are:

Voter’s ID
Driver’s License
PRC License
Postal ID
School ID
PhilHealth ID
Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
Senior Citizen ID
Previous Copy of NBI Clearance
Along with the two IDs, you will also need to bring the printed NBI form with Reference Number (accessible online after payment) and the receipt of payment.